Choose the nearest Wellianss real estate agent in your area!

Wellianss dedicates a personal real estate agent to you. And it changes everything:

  • Your Wellianss real estate agent, and he alone, manages the sale of your real
    estate. From A to Z. With you.
  • He offers a flexible fee.
  • Your Wellianss real estate agent spends his time selling your real estate,
    in order not to accumulate real estates for sale.

The Wellianss real estate agent. A very personal agent.
The personal real estate agent is always selected for his multiple
. By relying on his knowledge of properties and real estate law
amongst others, he analyses the documents consulted. Result: he often
knows the house or apartment for sale better than his owners and can inform
the candidate-buyer in a very precise way. Everybody trusts each other.

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